Friday, June 8, 2007

Summer Time's Here

Well, it's finally summer, and as the day of my wedding slowly approaches, I find myself getting tenser, antsier, and really really stereotypically bride-like. Now, granted, things are getting a little annoying, what with my parents not seeming to get much done. Everyone involved in planning this wedding works full time, except my father, who sleeps full time. So, very little is getting done unless my father wakes up for long enough to do it.

As of right now, I'm at work wondering if we'll actually have music at the wedding. I'm also wondering if we'll ever get our invitations off of my dad's laptop and on to some actual invitation paper. Right now, Dad thinks we should get them printed up on construction paper. Definitely not what I want...

Yaakov and I are talking about starting a blog between the two of us. It wouldn't be this, because this sucks. We want to do something that people with actually want to read. Political commentary, web comics, dvar torahs, etc. Yaakov has a lot of ideas. Kol hakavod. I'm up for it if he is. He'll have to lead me with it, though. As you can all see, I'm not terribly creative.

That said, be well, and may you all have a wonderful shabbos.

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