Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pesto, Presto!

Earlier this week, I found a recipe that caught my eye for two reasons: 1) Delicious looking picture and 2) The instructions consisted of one line. "Mix together all ingredients and serve." How could I resist? I'll tell you. I couldn't.

The recipe was for Chicken, pesto and pasta salad. Sounds amazing, right? Click the link. Really. See that picture? Yeah, it was just as good as it looks. :)

So, the minute I saw it, I determined I was going to make it sometime this week. I planned out the week's dinners and decided that Wednesday would be a good night to experiment. So I bought pasta and chicken at 7-Mile Market, but couldn't find pesto. I tried Shoppers, too, with no luck. I was worried I might have to break out my food processor and make it from scratch (heavens, no!!) until my father gave me the idea to check out Giant, where I pretty much never shop. I'm thinking I might have to start shopping there because they have pretty much everything. And they had kosher, parve pesto. Right in the kosher food aisle. I was so excited that I bought two jars AND a small can of black olive rings.

I hurried home and got the chicken ready. The recipe calls for any ol' chicken, but I went for some grilled chicken fillets which I rubbed down with salt, pepper and some random poultry seasoning I had in the cabinet before grilling on the old George Foreman. The rest was as easy as the recipe makes it sound. Mix and serve. (Note: I omitted the pine nuts because I didn't have any.)

It was delicious, filling and easy to make. So, we can call it a success and add it to our regular menu. :)


Frayda said...

so this is why you needed pesto sauce! i hate using my food processor and would never make homemade pesto sauce. that recipe looks delish! all the effort was worth it

Mrs. Pom said...

i bought pine nuts in hopes of making fresh pesto, but the thought of checking the basil always prevents me from buying it. eventually though, I think I will make my own pesto. maybe I'll serve it with this recipe. and I can use morning star chicken strip for hubby! ;-)