Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Revisiting angstier times...

Well, I can't pretend there's no one to blame for this one because someone mentioned Alkaline Trio in a facebook status and before I knew it, I was listening to them. Nothing drags me back to being 15 like Alkaline Trio can. I spent a vacation with my family playing their songs over and over because, well, it reflected my pain and frustration with the world. You know, that unique, one-of-a-kind pain and frustration that everyone feels when they're 15. The one your parents just don't understand.
The really funny thing about being a teenager (and older, if you're that kind of person) is that you can listen to music about shooting heroin, smoking, drinking and soliciting hookers, even though you've never experienced anything even close to those things, and still feel like it completely relates to your life. Somehow, that doesn't seem illogical to you at that point in your cognitive development.

Now I listen to this stuff and only enjoy it because I still remember all the words, and that, somehow, makes me feel like a more complete human being.

As an aspiring social worker, part of me would love to get these angsty rock bands to lay on the couch for a bit so I could figure out how, at the ages of 25 and up, they still can't move past thinking like teenagers. (Think Blink 182. Why can't they just stop thinking like 13 year olds?!)

K, that's all I have today. Thoughts? Comments?


Frayda said...

I love listening to music and bringing up those old feelings!

Rachel said...

I didn't have that at 15. I was too busy writing bad comic books and violent parodies of The Cat in the Hat.