Thursday, March 31, 2011

Something Crafty: A Journey To Bun

The undercooked bunny

The other day, I felt a sudden need to start some kind of project. Since the colder seasons are rapidly getting away from us (even if the weather is trying to convince us otherwise) it didn't seem practical to start on things likes gloves, hats and scarves. So instead, I thought, why not journey into the unknown? Why not try something new? Why not make a stuffed bunny?

So I did. It took up my free time for about 2 days, and the result is, well, kinda adorable. Right now, I only have one picture of the finished product because my camera battery died, but when it's recharged I'll take a couple more. I was just really eager to share. The picture up top is the bunny before getting it's ears and nose. I think it looks a little like Gir from Invader Zim.

But behold the finished product!

The pattern I used can be found here.

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Rachel said...

You know, even after having watched an episode of Invader Zim now--the one with the waffles--I still don't think it looks like Gir. I think it looks a little like Marvin the Martian, or something out of Bone, but...I don't see the Gir. Sorry.