Sunday, January 15, 2012

Eggs in a Nest and a new camera

Exciting news, everyone! I finally got that camera I always wanted! Now my pictures won't suck as much!

I mean, obviously, I still have to learn to use the camera and stage my shots, but I'm working on it.

On that note, here's some pictures of this morning's breakfast! With exclamation points!!!!

Ever heard of "Eggs in a nest" or "Eggs in a frame"? Usually it's made by taking a slice of bread, making a hole in the middle, dropping an egg in and frying it. This morning, I decided to make it with bagels. The hole's already there, right?

Well it turned out pretty tasty. I even tried making it into a sandwich with a slice of American cheese in the middle.

Simple. Tasty. But if you don't like runny yolk (like I do. Yum!) make sure you cook it well.


Frayda said...

Looks delicious and great!

pesach said...

Ihop makes something similer its called eagels and begs but first you dip the bagel in milk and also you are supposed to leave the yolk runny also another name for them is a toad in a hole.