Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Coconut Milk Caramel

Some of you may recall my history with candy-making is...not great.

You may recall the "fudge fiasco" of 2011, or the apple cider caramels I made for mishloach manos one Purim a couple years back that took all day and came out so awful I didn't even post about them.

Well, ever since those awful experiences, I've pretty much avoided any kind of candy recipes.  Cooking sugar on the stove has just been a major no-no for me.  I've made a few simple syrups, but I did so begrudgingly and with great trepidation.

I've even seen these seemingly simple microwave caramel recipes floating around, but I've been too scared to attempt them.

But then a few days ago, I saw something new.  It was a recipe for caramel sauce made with coconut milk, honey, and sea salt.  Nothing else.  I had all the ingredients on hand and a free day coming up.

I went for it.

And I'm not sorry, either.

I had intended to cook this longer so that it would become a candy, as the recipe implies you can do, but after a little over 20 minutes, I took it off the stove and poured it into my prepared pan, lined with wax paper (should have buttered it first) thinking I'd hit the soft-ball stage.  I guess I should have left it a few minutes longer, because the result is more like a thick sauce.

Don't get me wrong, it's delicious, and I'll still probably just devour it right off the spoon.  This recipe comes out with an almost buttery taste, which is amazing, since there's no butter.

3 ingredients.  No dairy.  No added fats.  Delicious results.

Now tell me you aren't tempted to go buy some coconut milk and try this for yourself.  Me?  I'll definitely be trying again.

The recipe can be found at Comfy Belly.


Leah Franz said...

I am tempted! Also, I am tempted to pass this on to people with dairy allergies, because I know a few and this is so EASY looking!

Chana Eastman said...

Looks awesome!! Glad you had the guts to try again after your bad experiences ;) Looking forward to trying this recipe, thanks for sharing.

Sora said...

Thanks for posting, Guys! Let me know how it goes if you make it. :)