Friday, July 31, 2009

Another Shabbos is Coming

Well, I yet again feel the urge to share my shabbos cooking escapades with one and all, so here they are:

Today, I'm making a simple dinner for Yaakov and myself. I've made a gefilte fish loaf with hot sauce and ground red pepper and other spicy things to give it some serious kick. I've got two challahs baking in the oven, which we can only pray come out as fluffy and tasty as they did last week. I used the same recipe, only this time I added a teaspoon of vanilla (and took out a two teaspoons of water) in the hopes to make it a little cakier. However, vanilla doesn't seem to do well in the bread maker, so it came out like a thick batter, and I had to add flour and run it through the dough setting again. Obviously, this led to it doing a ridiculous amount of rising, so I'm hoping that won't make the challah too...whatever too much rising does to it.

Finally, when the challah comes out, I'm putting in some flanken which will be on a "bed" of potatoes and will be covered with thinly sliced onions, a little onion soup mix, some other random spices that sound good at the time, and a little oil and water on the bottom to keep it juicy. Place it in the oven at 350 for the magical one hour and pray it gets thoroughly cooked in time for shabbos at 7. :)

I expect it will turn out very yummy.

Shabbat shalom, y'all!

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