Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Note About The Unknown

Tomorrow I embark upon a journey--a journey into a world which is largely unknown in today's world. Tomorrow, I delete my facebook account. What lies ahead is anyone's guess. Who knows how many friends will go the extra click to keep in touch with me via email. I know it may seem a lot to ask, but I know that they are strong people, and I have faith in them.

This blog is being reinstated to help my friends cope with the loss of my status updates. I'll try to write on here about once a week, even if all I have to say is, "Work, school, life."

Well, wish me luck on my journeys. And don't forget to keep in touch. :)


David said...

I (Shoshana, not Dovid) am commenting just to be yotze being one of the people who will actually keep in touch.
Thank Gd, were good over here. Yitzy G. started eating tuna smushed in rice cereal, which is pretty much as disgusting as it sounds, but he likes it alot. Dovid and I are busy, I'm working less hours cuz of summer, but school is still stinky. What else is new.
Best of luck in your future facebook-less endeavors.

Frayda said...

No,I am not ok with you deleting you Fb account!!!!!!!!!

Yaakov "Jake" Weissmann said...

I concur with Frayda!!!

Sora said...

Sorry guys! Hopefully you'll all forgive me one day. Or maybe one day I'll come back to facebook, but today is not that day.

Shana -- I just put up pictures from Israel, including all the ones of YG at the kotel.

Send those to Mrs. Aaronson too, because she was asking for them when I saw her last night. :)