Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Foray Into Capitalism

Sometime back in 2004 when I was working at Tov Pizza, I made a little doodle in my notebook. (I always brought a notebook to work so that I'd have something to do during slow hours.) It started off as an attempt to draw a bunny, but when I found I couldn't figure out the lower half, I just put the bunny into a box. That's where it all began, contrary to popular belief. (Popular belief being what I told everyone in the first post to this blog over 2 years ago.) Well, over the years, Bunny Box has evolved and become my little symbol. I use it to sign birthday cards, I use it in my Purim shaloch manot, and I've used it for usernames on many a website. There is, however, a step I've been very hesitant to take with it: Capitalism. People have often suggested that I make T-shirts or other merchandise out of the Bunny Box and convince people to buy it. Here's the problem I've had: What makes an inside-joke worth buying if you're not on the inside. So here's what I'm thinking--drag them inside!

I know, it sounds like a silly idea, but it just might be crazy enough to work. I could make a Bunny Box Webcomic. The only problem there would be finding a theme or a plot to work with. The only thing I can think of that I might have done was already done by a nice Welsh fellow named "Lem" and I'm fairly sure I'd get the pants sued off of me if I tried to do it my way. Regardless, I couldn't be nearly as clever and masterful as he is. So this is where I'd have to get really creative. What in the name of fuzzy pete would the Bunny Box comic consist of? Would it just be a different version of the Bunny Box every week? Would it have...characters? Or would it be completely not at all related to bunnies or boxes and just happen to be called Bunny Box and use the Bunny Box as its symbol?

Questions? Comments? Please share.

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