Monday, August 3, 2009

Rise and Shine, Sleepyhead!

I hate mornings. Maybe if I were the type of person who was into morning jogs I would feel differently, but I'm not, so I don't. Morning is the time of day where I'm ripped from my bed and my stomach has its vengeance for everything I did the day before. And don't even talk to me about breakfast--worst meal of the day! Cereal and coffee, sometimes a vitamin enriched milkshake, sometimes (if I'm really lucky) there's toast and eggs. Breakfast has nothing on lunch. I <3 lunch. Lunch=Sandwiches=Best Meal Ever.

Don't get me wrong--dinner has its moments. I mean, if you've got access to some good pasta or hearty take-out, you've got it made. But for those of us surviving on leftovers and getting to 6 every night going, "What's for dinner?" because you haven't adjusted to the fact that if you want dinner YOU have to make it, dinner is simply a disappointment. "Oh...pasta with cheese again, I guess..." "No, but this time it's got hot sauce in!"

~shakes head~

Growing up is extremely weird. I'm still working on it, myself. I mean, I may be married and all, but I still rely on my dear sweet father to take care of the big stuff. I don't yet feel prepared to file claims with insurance companies, call up comcast to find out their prices, or deal with the electric company. Does all that mean I wasn't really ready to get married? Maybe. But to be fair, growing up proved to be just as disappointing as dinner. Turns out, being a grown-up isn't fun at all. It turns out getting bills isn't as thrilling as it always looked, and getting a paycheck gets less and less exciting as they cover less and less of your expenses. When I used to work at Tov's and made less than $100 a week on average, I felt really rich. After all, with $80 I could buy a lot of random useless crap. And I did.

I can't say I'm really going anywhere with this, but maybe it proves yet another reason why I hate mornings: The brain shuts off.

Status update: glad she isn't 16 anymore, but sometimes wishes she could skip to 30.

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