Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Post For Post's Sake

Well, would you look at this? An arbitrary posting just because I've promised at least one per week. I'm keeping my promises, you see. Right now, I'm listening to music (currently playing Porcupine Tree. Don't worry, I haven't heard of them either.) and playing Settlers of Catan online. I'm gearing up for school starting in a week. I have one class (for various reasons), but it's "Physiological Psychology" and let me tell you, that doesn't sound like a Sara friendly class. I'm just praying there won't be any papers. Actually, I kind of hope there is one, because I'm likely to do poorly on the tests and I'd like to have something to redeem me. Oh, I will be paying attention to extra credit opportunities. (song just changed to Unwritten Law - Rest of My Life)

Well, that's all you're getting for now. If anything exciting happens (and I doubt it will...I hope nothing exciting happens, anyway...unless it's good...you get the idea...) I'll let you know.

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