Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rice & Beans, Corn Soup, And A Plum Cake

I don't know what came over me, but tonight I was really in a kitchen mood. I had been looking for inexpensive dinner ideas yesterday, and someone suggested rice and beans. I couldn't imagine that being a dinner on its own (my own failing) so I decided it must be accompanied by soup.

I decided on a simple corn soup recipe (found here) and used two bags of frozen corn instead of the fresh corn it calls for, added a little dash of MimicCreme, and decided to leave the "salting to taste" to individual tastes. I can't rave enough about this soup. Yaakov and I both loved it and it was so incredibly simple to make. It took all of 30 minutes and only cost me about $5 to make about 6 servings.

For the rice and beans, I went to an old favorite of mine, Skinny Weight Watcher's Girl. I've made a number of her recipes in the past, and they tend to be pretty good. Knowing the nutrition facts is definitely an added bonus. So I knew that if I made this, I'd be getting a decently balanced meal out of it. This came out pretty tasty and I didn't change a thing. Follow her instructions and it makes a pretty good meal or side dish.

Now, after dinner, I found myself thinking about those plums I picked on Sunday and how they're not disappearing as quickly as they should. Earlier today, while hanging around on (a great way to waste time on the internet if you're a foodie, like me), I had found a recipe for a Peach Cake, but finding my peach supply dwindling and seeing that it can also be used for plums, this seemed like a good solution.

Now on the cake, I made a couple tweaks.

For one thing, I had no raw sugar, but I DID have some vanilla sugar, so I substituted that in the topping.

Also, I decided while mixing the batter that a little lemon extract seemed like a great idea to really rev up the tartness factor.

It was. :)

You can find all the recipes by following the links above. Enjoy!

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