Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cooking Magic: The Gathering

I've been in a cooking mood lately, and this puts me in a recipe gathering mood. So that's what I've been doing in my (not actually) free time, when I should be writing papers and reading textbooks, etc. Anyway, with all this gathering and bookmarking and saving to word files, it occurred to me that the best way to organize/gather/make useful these recipes would be to compile them into a cookbook of sorts. Obviously, it wouldn't be publication, because I'm using other people's recipes and not keeping very good track of where I'm getting them from, but it would be an awesome compendium for personal use, and if I can afford it, I might be willing to make some copies for friends.

Currently, I'm still in the gathering phase, obviously. But I've got 6 word documents right now (one for chicken, one for beef, one for salads, etc.), each with about 20 or so pages. I still need to hunt down more interesting looking recipes, sift through the ones I've already got, and format the files. Anyone interested in contributing recipes to my book of awesome is more than welcome to.

Also, when I'm done, if people want me to email them copies I can do that.

This will keep up until my resolve dies. For now, it's a fun hobby.

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Rachel said...

I think I've sent you pretty much all the recipes I know. Did I send you the strawberry chicken salad one? That's probably the most complicated one I've got.