Sunday, November 22, 2009

More Food and More Shopping

This past week was a pretty nice one. It had the usual work and school, but it also had the Macy's one day sale, which I went to Wednesday night with my mother. I originally went to look for a new coat. Now, I happen to own a large number of sweatshirts, and I own 3 coats and a rain jacket, all of which are incorrectly sized. Well, one coat fits, but it's falling apart (though honestly, I bought it when I was in 9th grade for about $10, so I'm surprised how long it did hold up). The second coat is huge, and is actually a men's puffy coat that I bought in Israel. It's actually a really nice coat, but style-wise, it's not really my thing anymore. The third coat is my shabbos coat and it's really long and really warm and bulky. The rain coat is way too big. So, I got this new coat on sale, and I'm loving it. It fits properly, it goes down to my knees and it's feminine and waterproof. All the best qualities of a good coat.

Anyway, naturally, I ended up buying a few other things, because who can resist a 75% off rack, really?

Following this shopping expedition, I wrote a one page paper all about how shopping makes me feel awake and happy, and I handed it in the next day. I don't know yet if I got credit for it. Here's hoping!

This shabbos was nice. Yaakov and I went to my parents' house for dinner and then had some friends over for lunch. I was pretty thrilled with the recipes I cooked this week:

Chicken Tortilla Soup
To start off with, gathering the ingredients for this recipe proved to be quite an adventure. Most of the stuff was very easy to find, the tough part was the can of diced green chiles. It wasn't at 7-mile. It wasn't at Shoppers. And because I know very little about hot peppers, I didn't know what to get instead. I spoke to my dad about it, but he couldn't think of a good replacement, either. I then called Isaac K., because he's got a lot of knowledge in the cooking arena. He suggested anneheim peppers. Well, right after I bought them, I called my dad who said he was on his way to Food Lion to see if they had the canned chiles there. Lo and behold they did, so my daddy saved the day. :)
Now for a review: Because I made this in the crock pot for shabbos lunch, it got a little overdone. The funny thing is, I started it cooking on low at about 4PM on Friday, and I figured it would be best to move it to the blech after about 12 hours, but I thought, "No way am I gonna get up at 4 AM to take it out of the crock pot." I did, however, end up awake at 4AM because I had to use the bathroom, so I was able to switch it over. The chicken ended up overcooked and dry anyway, but the soup itself was very tasty. I may try it again sometime as a weekday meal.

Mushroom Stuff Chicken Breasts
This recipe was AMAZING. Because of the white wine, it has that serious gourmet flavor, and the mushrooms are tender and delicious. If you read the comments on the recipe, you can see the changes that I made when cooking it. It was pretty easy to make but seems really impressive when you serve it. It was delicious and there's no question I'll be making it again.

Lemony Green Beans
This was really easy to make, but I found I wasn't too impressed with the flavor in the end. However, I had previously drained the liquid from the stuffed chicken breasts so that I wouldn't have a problem reheating it on shabbos, and I hadn't wanted to throw it away since it smelled and tasted so good. So, I tried dipping a green bean in it and decided that was what they needed. So I poured it in, shook it up and put it in the fridge over night. The combined flavors of the lemon and garlic and the white wine, rosemary, sage and chicken made for a pretty nice side dish.

Okay, for those of you who actually sat through this post, have a cookie. Sometimes, when I read this blog, it puts me to sleep. Who knew I was this boring? But, yeah, cooking really is the most exciting part of my life these days. So sad...and tasty...

Be well, everyone and have a good week. :)

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