Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some more food...

So this shabbos Yaakov and I decided to have a quiet dinner at home. Lately, I've gotten really into having fresh salmon as a friday night main course. It simplifies the meal by removing the "fish course," it's still a chashuva food (at least in our opinion), it's tasty and also it's light and doesn't leave us feeling stuffed and sick. This week I used a recipe from my favorite cookbook, "Quick and Kosher," for Dijon Ginger Salmon (or something to that effect). It's very easy to make, like all the recipes in that fabulous cookbook, and was delicious.

I also made some chicken soup and then, because I was too lazy to make matzah balls, I threw in some deli ends to give it more substance. Now, this is an idea I got from a friend's mother who did it when we came over once shortly before Pesach because she didn't feel like buying the necessary ingredients to make kreplach. The only real downside to using deli ends is that it tends to overpower the chicken soup flavor, so it really becomes a whole different creature which I call "Deli soup." You know, because I'm so creative.

Now, as for side dishes, I made my standard salmon dinner sides: cous cous and green beans. The couscous was pretty basic, made according to box directions but I added some seasoning to the water before boiling. The fresh green beans were mixed with soy sauce, sesame teriyaki sauce and sauteed ginger, garlic and onion. I mistakenly overcooked them so they came out mushy when I tend to prefer them crisper (but Yaakov likes them mushier, so it's all good.)

It all came out very yummy and we avoided making ourselves sick by overeating. Sadly, I didn't make any dessert. :(

I did, however, also make a broccoli kugel (also from Quick and Kosher) which I brought to my parents' house for lunch which was also very tasty.

After shabbos, Yakov and I went to Rabbi Katz's history shiur at Beth Tefillah which was incredibly fabulous. My favorite story from the night: President Teddy Roosevelt was giving a speech at a Jewish venue and was, like a natural politician, talking about how he had appointed the first Jewish cabinet member, Oscar Straus in the US not because he was Jewish, but because he was the best American for the job. Jacob Schiff had fallen asleep during the speech, and President Roosevelt nudged him awake and said, "Isn't that right?" Schiff said, "What's going on?" and Roosevelt replied, "I'm talking about Straus!" to which Schiff replied, "Oh yes! Roosevelt called me up and said, 'Get me the best Jew you've got!'"

I assume the story is true because Rabbi Katz related it.

Anyway, that's my shabbos/motzei shabbos. Good night, all!

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