Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Shidduch Story

So as some of you may know by now and many may not, my brother Shmuel (Jeff) just got engaged last week. Everything was very sudden, of course, because they were only dating for about 3 or 4 weeks, but my family decided we wanted to go to Dallas (where the girl, Mya, is from) so that we could meet Mya and her family, as well as to be there for the engagement.

For starters, I can't say enough good things about this family (just ask Yaakov!), and Dallas is a beautiful community. Mya is a wonderful girl and is definitely a perfect shidduch for Shmuel. The weekend was just a blast and I'm really glad we went. I"yH, the wedding should be in Israel, hopefully sometime around mid-January, though we don't have a date pinned down just yet.

Now here comes a fun story that I probably shouldn't share because I know that I'll never live it down, but here goes: My parents decided to extend their trip in Dallas, but my brother Alan and I returned to Baltimore today as per our original plans. My parents had left their car in the garage at BWI and gave us the ticket to pick it up. Here's the thing though, as we started walking towards the car, Alan says, "Oh, I don't have the key, so I'll need yours." Now, at that moment, I stop dead in my tracks. "Are you serious? Wait, are you serious?! I left all of my keys at home because I figured I wouldn't need them!" So, we ended up stranded in the airport garage until Yaakov came to bring us the keys (which was deemed simpler than just getting a ride because we had the ticket to get out of the garage.)

So, yeah, that's my story. I'm not incredibly lucid right now, so I'm not telling it as well as it deserves to be told, but there it is.

I hope to be able to share my family's simcha with all of you, and hope that you should all experience such simchas of your own. Mazal tov and good night!

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