Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Food? Oh Yes...

Well this shabbos certainly was nice. We got a (relatively) last minute invitation to go to Mark and Frayda's house for dinner where I got to spend time with many of my friends and their adorable babies (and one terrifying gorilla). My friends have some really cute babies (and some freaky gorillas) and I honestly don't think that I could pick a favorite. Well, I could but it might offend people. I think my favorite baby at any given moment is the one that's smiling at me. It really is irresistible, isn't it? That precious little smile that babies have. I think it's because, unlike adults, when babies are happy it is real, pure happiness. There's nothing behind the smile except simple joy, and that comes through. Happiness that pure is bound to be infectious, and it just makes you all squishy inside.

For shabbos lunch, I had the honor of hosting Aviva, Andy and Yaella (and my brother). I made mac salad (my specialty), broccoli kugel (Jamie Geller's specialty), some delicious oven-baked schnitzel (an adaptation of my sister's specialty), and cholent (I'm sure it's someone's specialty). I also wasted much of my Friday afternoon making an eggplant dip (seen here) which tasted absolutely awful when it was done. I should have known it would be awful when I read the ingredients, but the picture they had looked so good. I've learned that this website often uses pictures of completely different things just to illustrate the basic idea of the recipe, so the picture was likely of some other eggplant related food. Oh well. Yaakov liked it, but no one else could really stomach it. It tasted vaguely like herring. Now I know and so do you. Aviva was wonderful enough to bring a cake which she made FROM SCRATCH! (That's right! No Dunken Heinz for her!) I was really impressed. So much so that I made her share the recipe with me. She also shared her challah recipe. Yay!

Well, since I had just gotten two new additions to my recipe collection, I decided it's time I started organizing them a little better. And since I wasn't feeling too great today, I took the immense amounts of free time I had to write some scattered tried and true recipes onto notecards and place them into the pages of a photo album which was given to me by my sister's good friend, Chana, for my wedding. The original intention had been to gather recipes from my friends and loved ones before presenting the recipe album to me, but people forgot to send back their notecards, so Chana had to improvise. This resulted in a pretty empty recipe book, and we figured I'd just add recipes as I went along. Anyway, today seemed like a good time to do it, so I did.

Well, that's pretty much all I've done this weekend. Be well, everyone. :)

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