Thursday, January 7, 2010


As my sister prepares to host her 2nd Annual Cake Awareness Conference, I've been receiving a lot of emails from Facebook. My sister doesn't want to exclude me from the event's updates just because I'm not able to attend or on Facebook anymore so she (somehow) sends me all of the same materials sent to the rest of the group. While I'm glad that I get to enjoy the planning aspect of this event, it does lead me to the Facebook homepage on occasion, questioning if I should just log-in and restart my account.

"I could just shut it right back down again," I tell myself.

I sit there, shaking, drooling--in short, jonesing--desperately trying to make this pivotal decision. Finally, I have to pull myself away. I can't go back there or I risk relapsing into old habits. Stalking friends and family (and worse, vague acquaintances!) and getting emotionally involved in their lives when I'm not really a part of them. It's too depressing, and it's not a risk I can take. Not even for a minute. Sometimes, I log into my friend's facebook (I think he's cool with it...) to play bananagrams because his account is safe as he and I have very few mutual friends. (What I mean is, most of his friends are total strangers who I can't really become depressed about.)

On another note! I just tried my hand at making moo shu. I saute`d some shiitake mushrooms with scallions and chopped fresh ginger. Then I threw in some soy chicken, followed by some soy sauce and let that simmer for a bit. Finally, I threw in a bag of cole slaw mix (aka--shredded cabbage and shredded carrots) and let it cook until it got "tender." While all of that was going on, I warmed up some flour tortillas to use as wraps. It came out pretty yummy, though it didn't taste like what you get in the restaurants at all. All in all, it made a very tasty dinner.

In other food talk, for a while I've been searching for a good and simple fudge recipe (see Fudge!) but most of the recipes I've found have required candy thermometers or ingredients that I can't find (like sweetened condensed milk, which I can't find cholov yisrael). It finally occurred to me today to see if I could find substitutes for those difficult ingredients. This led me to a few good options which included using powdered milk, soy milk, coconut cream, or even tofu with honey. I personally like the coconut cream idea best because it doesn't require any extra effort.

Anyway, with these recipes at my fingertips, I feel prepared to try my hand at some simple fudge recipes and see how it goes.

Here are links to some of those recipes:
The Best Holiday Fudge Ever, and It Just Happens to be Vegan

Easy Vegan Fudge Recipe

Vegan Fudge Recipe

Dairy-Free Peanut Butter Fudge

You get the idea.

Be well!

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